East Quay House

Eau 1 and Eau 2. also known as Pinnacle Quay and East Quay House respecitvely, are two buildings which came about as a result of the Sutton Partnership with Plymouth City Council and are the cornerstones of the regeneration in Sutton Harbour.

Type: Mixed Use
Project: East Quays House (EAU 2)
Location: Sutton Harbour, Plymouth
Architect: Form Design
Developer: Westbury

Eau 2, also known as East Quays House, was developed as a result of the Sutton Partnership between Sutton Harbour Holdings plc and Plymouth City Council.

East Quays House was completed in 2006 and was also developed in partnership with Westbury Homes. It comprises 10 storeys including 56 residential apartments and three ground floor commercial / retail units offering 5,500 sq ft of commercial space overlooking Sutton Harbour. These are currently occupied by AWW Architects and Roco y Lola, a Spanish tapas restaurant and Asia Chic, offering high quality Thai and Indian cuisine.

It is the sister development to Pinnacle Quay, also known as Eau 1, which was completed in 2004.