Sustainability & Responsibility

The Company’s approach to its corporate, environmental and social responsibility and a truly sustainable approach is synonymous with how it delivers its business objectives responsibly.

Sutton Harbour Group plc employs a fully engaged partnership approach with the community, with a strong focus on the environment, health and safety and investing in staff alongside a continuing drive to improve shareholder value.

The company firmly believes in its responsibility as custodians of the historic Sutton Harbour to protect the area for future generations, whilst fully realising its potential today.


Engagement with the community is key to the ambitious regeneration work being undertaken by Sutton Harbour Group plc to transform Plymouth’s waterfront.

A consultative approach is always taken with both public and business sectors over each new development as the Company strives to create a destination of regional and national importance.

Sutton Harbour Group plc engage actively with stakeholder groups, in particular Plymouth City Council and other relevant agencies delivering change.

The Company support local charities and community based in initiatives.

By staging major sailing and yachting events such as the Transat Race and by supporting and hosting key visitor events including Plymouth Pirate Weekend and Plymouth Seafood Festival, the company stimulates tourism for the benefit of the entire city whilst showcasing the developments in and around Sutton Harbour, which have helped transform the quarter into a vibrant area for leisure, commercial and residential use.


Environmental sustainability plays a key role in the continuing success of Sutton Harbour Group plc, which sets itself high environmental standards in all aspects of its work.

The group monitors energy consumption at it’s trading facilities. This information is used to manage consumption through practical energy saving measures and targeted capital investment.

Sutton Harbour is equipped to manage accidental fuel spills to minimise pollution of land and sea. Sutton Harbour Marina is equipped with black water tanks to facilitate the discharge of foul waste and with recycling sorting waste bins.


Health and safety is a permanent priority for Sutton Harbour Group plc, with a company health and safety committee meeting regularly and operating as an open forum, and an excellent health and safety management record being a key criterion when contractors are chosen.